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Partnership network of co-operation and development


It is very important to maintain constant efficiency of work no to be behind competitors.  

Thanks to our brand, our products developed based on up-to-date innovative technologies as well as time-proved marketing initiatives, partnership with ServiceSoft Group of Companies will help to ensure significant growth of your dealership. 

From the very beginning of co-operation with every new dealer we prepare an individual and unique offer based on your goals and demands. That is why regardless of the sphere of your business, your position in business cycle, competitive environment and behavior of local clients we will do our best to develop initiatives which will lead your business to a new level. 

Join us and start to ear!

Advantages of PNCD:

Sell of SmartService|LookOut ecosystem equipment on set, clear and attractive prices.

10% Agent's fee of payments for Internet-service including communication service (including administering of user's personal account).

Internet marketing: SEO, direct, SMM; Event-marketing: exhibitions, seminars, trainings, webinars, business missions; Off-line advertizing: printed advertisement, advertisement on vehicles and core publications

Review of applications for customized additional equipment development.

Our partners:

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