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In Arkhangelsk passed sea trials of new passenger ships of the ice class

In Arkhangelsk passed sea trials of new passenger ships of the ice class
Two ships were bought in leasing by the city administration. Each vessel can accommodate 170 passengers. Motor ships will transport people from the mainland to the islands, including, and in the off-season.

Very slowly, at a speed of no more than 10 kilometers per hour, the river tram leaves the port. This is his first trip across the water area of ​​Arkhangelsk. The ship of the ice class is quite new. Today - sea trials. The canal is clogged with crushed ice, thicker than half a meter. But the ship does not care.

Alexander Gaikin, member of the acceptance committee, expert of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry: "According to technical characteristics, the ice class of the vessel is 30 centimeters. This is for passing in shallow ice to 30 centimeters. And we have it, it is also frozen. That is, conditions above the norm. The ship behaves itself worthy. "

In the captain's cabin, the instruments are monitored. Everything is automated here. The machine compartment can be operated directly from the central console. Yes, and the lever is more like a big joystick. All amenities are also equipped with a passenger cabin. Two decks with wide chairs and a big step between the rows.

Alexei Tselishchev: "Travel on such a ship for passengers will be very comfortable. His feelings can be compared with a trip on a tram. The boat goes very smoothly, so you can fearlessly get up, walk on the deck in order, for example, to warm up. "

Among the first passengers are representatives of the Northern River Administration. They called the trip on a new ice class vessel pleasant.

Nikolay Yeregin, head of the Northern Department of State Marine and River Oversight: "I walked the ship. A comfortable steamer is comfortable. The passengers themselves will feel good. The bridge also has modern navigation equipment. "

In Arkhangelsk, now - two such ships. Running tests - this is the final stage of acceptance. If experts will pass a positive conclusion, river trolleys all year round will deliver the inhabitants of the islands to the mainland. For one flight - up to 170 passengers.

Peter Chechulin, Director of the Department of Transport, Construction and Urban Infrastructure of the Arkhangelsk Administration: "To date, an average of 100 people are transported in tugs per flight. Therefore, you can safely say that you can combine routes. "
In the first voyage motor ships will come out this fall.

From http://www.morvesti.ru/detail.php?ID=68763


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