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Мониторинг железнодорожного транспорта

At present implementation of railway transportation monitoring system is one of the top-priority tasks both for carriers and customers. Long distances, delays at freight classification yards are all problems and wasted time. 

Use of the most up-to-date and high quality monitoring and control systems for transportation and railway transportation safety systems may help to achieve success in solving these problems. At the moment the necessity to have maximum precise information on cargo location in any place of the world at any time and any weather conditions as well as movement control and cargo conditions is the most sensitive and critical issue.

На дальних расстояниях всегда есть риск потерять груз, долгое время находящийся в дороге, особенно это касается зон, в которых GSM –связь не доступна. В этих случаях нет возможности получить достоверные данные об местонахождении груза.

There is always a risk of cargo loss at the long distances especially in the areas without GSM communication coverage. In such cases there is no any possibility to have reliable data on cargo location. After installation of GLONASS/GPS SmartService|LookOut mobile objects monitoring system on railway transportation carriers will know about location of their transport as well as customers will know about location of their goods.

After integration GLONASS/GPS SmartService|LookOut mobile objects monitoring system  YOU OBTAIN:

If the given information is of interest for you we are ready to visit your enterprise for a detailed and in-depth presentation, share our experience based on cooperation with other customers, discuss all details of the system operation and meet your specialists.

Please pay attention that we are ready to supply our complete equipment for testing free-of-charge. So you can assure yourselves in efficiency of satellite system and make a decision regarding cooperation with us.

We're looking forward to see you among our customers!

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