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Long distance trucking monitoring

Why implementation of satellite monitoring system is necessary?

Satellite monitoring system uses state-of-the-art possibilities of GPS/GLONASS tracking of cargo transportation while it is on its way. It is no secret that cargo transportation costs are constantly increasing. 

The "lion's share" of the costs goes to drivers salary, spare parts, fuel and lubrication materials purchase. Constant transportation monitoring on the part of trucking company directors is required.

Cargo transportation monitoring had been substantially facilitated after adoption of the law binding all trucking companies to equip every transport means with unique devices connected to satellite monitoring and control system.  

SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system used on transportation shows from the very first day of use its high efficiency and allows substantial cost reduction by 25-30 per cent for fuel and lubrication materials, avoid fuel theft and unauthorized removal of parts and mechanisms from cargo transport means. Preliminary preparation for cargo receipt on site will become possible. Road safety during cargo delivery will improve, working time of drivers will be spent more efficiently.

Cargo transportation market giants performs transportation of temperature sensitive cargoes into all corners of the Earth. Regardless of type of cargo to be transported, whether it is fresh flowers, fresh fish or fruit and vegetables, transport company mush ensure the perfect quality of all goods.

Transportation of perishable cargo is a complicated process requiring special attention, care and strict observance of temperature conditions and delivery time. That is why it is very important for transport companies specialists to perform 24 hours a day monitoring and control (GPS/GLONASS) of all cargo on every carrying equipment, moreover, all refrigerators shall be equipped with temperature detectors which controls current temperature and allows controlling all temperature condition changes on-line.  

Application of SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system for cargo transportation monitoring will help to solve all these tasks at the highest professional level.  

SATELLITE TERMINAL LOOKOUT allows monitoring your cargo in real-time mode in any place of the world, while additional sensors will help to improve and enhance control of cargo, its transportation conditions, temperature conditions, as well as avoid fuel theft and deviation from a route by drivers.

If the given information is of interest for you we are ready to visit your enterprise for a detailed and in-depth presentation, share our experience based on cooperation with other customers, discuss all details of the system operation and meet your specialists.

Please pay attention that we are ready to supply our complete equipment for testing free-of-charge. So you can assure yourselves in efficiency of satellite system and make a decision regarding cooperation with us.

We're looking forward to see you among our customers!

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