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Agricultural equipment monitoring

After integration of SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system you will know about your equipment location in any place of the world in real-time mode.

SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system   for agricultural equipment ensures precise carrying out of agricultural measures, improves indices of efficiency and economic feasibility of agricultural production, allows reducing costs due to fuel consumption control and monitoring of important work stages ion real-time mode thanks to implementation of satellite technologies.

After integration of GLONASS/GPS SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system of mobile objects YOU OBTAIN:

If the given information is of interest for you we are ready to visit your enterprise for a detailed and in-depth presentation, share our experience based on cooperation with other customers, discuss all details of the system operation and meet your specialists.

Please pay attention that we are ready to supply our complete equipment for testing free-of-charge. So you can assure yourselves in efficiency of satellite system and make a decision regarding cooperation with us.

We're looking forward to see you among our customers!

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