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Construction equipment monitoring

There is high demand for construction materials and rock products in the sphere of mining industry which resulted in growing competition. At the same time transport costs are substantial part of production cost. It is no wonder that unscheduled delays of transportation, unauthorized voyages and more frequent repair may significantly increase company's expenses. 

Integration of GLONASS/GPS SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system of mobile objects  for construction equipment will allow locating precisely any crane, examine yesterday's route of any bulldozer and find any deviations from set route. It will allow effectively controlling and reducing a lot of operating costs and increasing company's competitive strength. Such systems are being used for several years in mining companies developing fields by quarrying. Use of such systems due to automation of complex processes of mining operations allows reducing costs and losses of a company.

After integration of GLONASS/GPS SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system of mobile objects YOU OBTAIN:

If the given information is of interest for you we are ready to visit your enterprise for a detailed and in-depth presentation, share our experience based on cooperation with other customers, discuss all details of the system operation and meet your specialists.

Please pay attention that we are ready to supply our complete equipment for testing free-of-charge. So you can assure yourselves in efficiency of satellite system and make a decision regarding cooperation with us.

We're looking forward to see you among our customers!

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