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Control of hazardous cargo transportation in accordance with law!
According to the Russian Federation Government Regulation No.790 dated 27.09.2011, Order of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport No.20 dated 26.01.2012 and the Russian Federation Federal Law No.22-FZ dated 14.02.2009 "On navigational activity" transport means used in passenger transportation and hazardous goods transportation shall be equipped with GLONASS or GLONASS/GPS satellite navigational devices.
Control of cargo transportation at 100% of the Earth surface. How to get?
Control of cargo transportation at 100% of the Earth surface is the most important task at the cargo transportation market.
What is an independent tracker?
Independent tracker is and autonomous device powered with lithium battery
Which operation modes does LookOut satellite beacon have?
2 operation modes: user and adaptive
Will a beacon installed inside a container work?
Place of a beacon installation shall ensure the direct sky visibility. 
Why LookOut beacon does not require additional installation?
LookOut satellite terminal has a strong magnet.
How to install batteries into LookOut satellite beacon?
Batteries shall be installed inside (to prevent from atmospheric condensation ingress) just before putting into operation. To install batteries unscrew four screws on the bottom half of the device and remove upper half to have access to battery holders.  
What are the main differences between LookOut satellite beacon and analogues?
Main differences between  LookOut satellite terminal and analogues are as follows:
What is object search via GPS/GLONASS satellites and how does it work?
Satellite object search is a relatively young but gaining extreme popularity service. By means of such search system it is possible to locate promptly a stolen vehicle or lost container.
Which data may be controlled by means of SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system?
SmartService|LookOut satellite monitoring system helps to control the following object parameters in real-time mode:

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